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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 28, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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his last name, guy richie's son, rocco, at 17, he is embarrassed by his mother. we will explain why. >> so also what does man buns, charlie sheen and 50 shades of fray all have in common? some of the top pop culture stories of the the year. we will look at the best ones from 2015. >> lets go to the other box are sue. >> holiday regifting, do you do it. >> it is risky. but if do it there are do's and don't a's of regifting at 9:30. >> born kelly will join us because he has one of the best regifting stories i have ever her. >> yep. >> we are days away from new years eve so delicious dishes you can whip up to usual inner 2016. >> good luck food. >> black eye peas is probably number one on the list. >> okay. >> this is the way you say it, mike, what did you do over the holidays. >> let maine read this and
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compare it, where we are headed here. >> this is where we will show your pictures. >> have i ever told you i have a granddaughter named teddy. here's another thing, i have a grandson name jack, have i mention that had at all. >> a little bit. >> pretty much. >> in that regard this there is jack on christmas eve. >> ahh. >> teddy and i are pushing him in the swing. it was probably 7 degrees but the darn kid wanted to go to the swing park. so we went, no matter how cold it was. >> no matter what they say, you are their, you know. >> push over. >> that would be it. >> memories are priceless. >> it did snow. this was christmas eve as well. so i walk outside and teddy hits me with a snowball. >> i watched this like 70 times. >> i thought this was so cute. >> you can never get enough. >> i said don't do it. of course, she does. >> so then she leaves denver on the 26th, and then fly back
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to california where they live and she was war that i had santa didn't bring a bike. santa took the the bike to her california house. >> excellent. >> she pulled in. >> look at the how happeny christmas is the the best at that age. >> here's another thing, sue, jack got a book from i think his grandmother named tickle monster and for some reason i found that kind of odd. so i posted this on instagram. i said here's the perfect book that you get from a creepy uncle. >> what is on your hand. >> the book comes with tickle will gloves. >> yes, got it. >> little will mittens so you can tickle the little kid. so then i started thinking, jerry sandusky his nickname was ticket monster. >> did i get that right after. that you try to put tonight the trash can and they dig it back out. i have thrown those gloves out 15 times: they keep coming
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out it is freaky. >> it was just the timing. >> yes. >> karen? >> yes. >> you have three boys, christmas morning must have been unbelievable. >> it is a magical time of the year. they are so excited. santa was so good. we had so much fun. the there is my maclin. we had santa and tooth fairy. >> did they run into each other. >> they didn't see each other but we have some concern, is there quinn my oldest. the there is my baby. he was just so happy with that truck. >> who was first one. >> first one was guy in the middle, right there maclin, in the middle. >> did he get a wig for christmas what is that. >> he need a haircut. >> he has beautiful hair. >> i pay a lot of machine toy get my hair that color. >> he just got staples out of my head, dare devil kid. >> what happened. >> he was at within of those fun places and fell backward. he had big staples. >> he is looking like harp o
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marks. >> that is quinn. >> we have a lot of fun. so we went over to long wood gardens which i had never brought the boys. there it is. when his tooth came out, a at long wood gardens and you get it out. >> all over longwood gardens. >> yes, blend it with the glass. >> that is us there we went inside and had a great time. they had wonderful trains and tree houses. >> christmas eve. >> it was 71 degrees. >> yes. >> they dress themselves, that is why my two year old is in a vest and shorts but i didn't know was boys if they would like longwood gardens. off the charts fun. >> they like it. >> the trains and tree houses there. >> they have children's garden. >> little trees. >> yes. >> tiny everything. >> they do have bonesai trees. >> so, sue how was yours. >> we had a very special "good day philadelphia" addition that happens in the morning. all of our fun happened
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afterwards. i drove to, first of all christmas eve at my sister in laws house. then we went to christmas day. this is me, and my remaining sibling, my sister beverly and my brother michael. he has his shirt on with johnny cash and george jones. i a said it looks like we're framing your shirt. why did you wear that. said it is only thing that fits because it is holiday time. >> oh, yeah. >> anyway, we were at his house my brother mike serio. do we have more. that is my niece macy, we had our holiday manicures, red and green nails. >> show the camera. this is phenomenal. i noticed it because you came down to the set and you could see it. >> you try to be festive. >> there we go. >> yes. >> this would be on for a while because i got the gel. >> yes. >> there is billy. >> and nia daughter home for college for a couple more weeks. >> they are both taller then you. >> i have been shrinking
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because i'm elderly you are not a short person. >> i used to be 5-foot ten. i think i'm's 5-foot nine. >> it happens. >> i used to be six-four. >> yeah right. >> next photo the owe, encapsulate my entire holiday. my sister beverly took this of me in the wing chair fast asleep. this is my typical party picture. >> what are the rest of the people doing. >> talking really loud, laughing, making merry abundance of loud noises and i slept through it all. anybody that knows me and known for me any length of time do i that at pretty much every party i go to. >> i tell everybody if i'm comfortable enough to fall asleep at your party then you have had a good party. >> thats a great spin on that. >> we saw in this picture you are there, obviously with billy and your daughter but you are away. >> we did come home that night. >> speaking of sleeping right through it, excuse me for a
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second, did you have on christmas day. >> you were traveling, sometimes it is someone else's house it is a better place a lot of families it is christmas and your birthday, um-hmm. >> yes. >> ill a's go birthday, i don't get this christmas gift thing at all. >> little eggnog. >> the real purpose of the day, why does your mind turn to that. >> that is in the morning when you get to church, then at night, wow. >> get enough eggnog in you. reason i bring this up is. >> well, survey which says half of millennials say, um-hmm, on the holidays. >> these are mostly people in their 20's say they have sex on christmas day. >> yeah, just getting ready for dinner gets you in the mood, maybe got a fire in the fireplace and you know they can just find places.
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sometimes they pop on out to the shower when they are getting ready. >> people in their 20's have sex almost every day. >> sure. >> excitement of doing it the in the car while the whole family in the house. >> i remember these days. >> get the the old yule log out, you light the the fire, when you light the fire. >> who did had survey. >> a condom company. >> a condom company. you know the name of this condom company. i never heard of it. it is called skin, s-k-y-n. only company i know is one that makes magnum. >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> seriously. >> i think sometimes it is when you are traveling. in someone else's house or in a hotel you go to a hotel, you know, it is like um, yes, it
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is someplace else. >> you can get caught. >> get caught. >> yes. >> or you are away from the kids, in a hotel. >> did i ever tell but a sound of the hotel room door shutting behind you, boom, let's go. what else is there to do in there really. that is other thing, all of the people on that comfort are. >> yeah. >> we take that off. >> get that comforter off there. >> do you remember that time bill and i came to new york city and we were going to have dinner with you. >> they never showed. >> because we were staying in the hotel. >> so they stopped by the hotel, drop off your bags and we will meet you for dinner, yeah. >> it was at times square. >> we were going to go to the play. >> so, i'm sitting there, waiting on sue. they never showed. they went into a hotel room. >> you can tell as soon as i said, hello on the phone,
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you said, oh, okay. >> we will be right there. it must have have been great. >> well, obviously we over share but have have you ever mortified your girls. >> i have embarrassed my doubt, many, many times. to the point where they would say dad, no, no. >> well, it has happened, if you are a star like you are,. >> yes, sure. >> same category asthma done. sure. >> she and her kids are all grown up. it is fascinating. thinks interesting. i a saw this over the weekend. she had a son with guy richie. >> the movie director. >> rocco is his name. >> many are speculating. >> that is rocco. >> yes. >> she posted this embarrassing picture of him in pigtails sort of the man buns thing going on and she puts that out there and she's mortified of these pictures. >> he's embarrassed.
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>> completely. >> they have actually stopped talking. she posted these pictures that could be humiliating, one in pigtails and another one if we have this many frames, tight pants and by a pool and it had a caption that said, you know, pretty embarrassing thing. >> they shot him and profiled by a pool and nothing was there. >> you don't want your mom commenting. >> yes. >> she has so many followers. push back on that is she wanted him to come home for christmas. i'm staying with dad in london. i'm in the coming bank. >> he is 15. he toss go through these things but that is not good. >> did you have an incident where they were like dad, it is just time. >> when i was at ucla, jessica was graduating from ucla and there is a big bear, bruins, giant bear, on the campus. everybody in their cap and gown wants to take a picture. we wait in this line so i can
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get a picture of her standing by the bruins, the the bear. this guy, butts in front of us, cuts the line. so i started, i was irritated. i started yelling at him. she said, dad, stop. to the point where she had to pull me away. >> you were giving man looksy was saying stuff. >> how you about nia. >> she's such a good kid. >> but i like to take pictures of her while she's sleeping. when she came home from college that first morning i took a picture but i always ask her nowably post anything, may i and she said no, she said you have to draw the the line. >> lets get back to the madonna thing. >> yeah. >> because before she had kids she exposed everything. do you remember that book i think it was 1992, 39 she wrote a book called sex and it was so risque that she put tonight a metal cover. she put a metal cover over it, and it looks like, you know
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like a refrigerator. >> it is in a sealed package on top of the metal cover. >> totally nude. there was a pick on the last page there is a picture of her going up this hill, in hollywood hills, in los angeles and she's hitch piking, in nothing but high heels. split is. >> yes. >> she has the body to do it. >> she sure did. >> she made her name by that whole marilyn monroe selling body, and clothes. >> and that video that she did. >> yes, material girl. >> you caught me looking at that video. split is. now, that is part of her past. now she has children. >> it is a joke. >> know, go ahead. >> i got all black on, you cannot see. no, no.
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>> wow. >> too bad it is not christmas. >> yeah, well, you know what, it is coming back december 25th and 2016. >> yes. >> okay. >> let's take a look at some of the stories that were big headlines, big talkers and these involved good looking people because there are good looking humans. >> they do this every year at this time every year. >> what is this category. >> sue serio is in this one but explain the dress. >> this was a crazy thing, it was all over social media what color is this dress is the only question that there was. >> it is pop culture. >> yeah. >> some say black and blue. others say white and gold. >> right here it is gold and white the to me but when i looked at it the in the magazine or on line it was blue and black. >> i see blue and black right now. >> are you out of your mine. >> no way that is gold and
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white. >> no. >> john, floor manager. >> it is blue a and black. >> bob kelly. >> gold and white it its gold and white. >> what do you see. >> i see white and gold as well but i saw sue in a shirt this weekend and i swear it looks like exactly the same dress. >> same look. >> i know this dress because we have put it on the air ones. >> we will put it on the air again. >> this is what i was wearing christmas day when i was sleeping. >> that is blue and black to me. >> other one can look exactly that same shade have blue and black in certain pictures and lighting. >> kit contacted kline can you put up that dress again. i want an ophthalmologist is that who it would be. >> yes, eye doctor. >> explain to me why i see absolutely gold and white and sue sees blue and black. >> what is happening. >> it captivated us for weeks and weeks. >> i'm recaptivated. >> we need an eye credit
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doctor. >> how is that possible. >> eye doctors is what your twitter. >> karen fox 29, and first name fox 29 sue serio. >> sue serio, fox 29. >> i'm mike fox 29. ophthalmologist what else do you call eye doctors, optometrist. >> they fit you for glasses. >> but a ophthalmologist, yes. >> yes. >> call wills eye. >> that is where we go when we have a eye problem. >> eighth and walnut. >> it was the year of the hot nanny home wreckers, explain karen. >> i would never have an attractive woman care for my children from my house. i have watch too many of these stories. we have had huge rumors circulating that ben affleck was with his kid nan bring a announcing his divorce with jennifer garner because she's an american sweetheart and she's adorable. >> we found out who that is and she was really attractive. >> she is awful, a home
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wrecker but she was really attract ter. >> wife gavin rossdale, who was caught having a three-year affair with his nanny, which went on when gwenn was pregnant with their youngest child. gwenn stephani is who i'm talking about. they filed for divorce. then she is with blake shelton. >> she's still with him. >> now, i was in the airport, i had nothing to do, so i pick up a magazine. on the cover, i think it was okay, magazine that says okay, explanation point. >> right. >> there is a battle between gwenn and another woman. >> kitkat, maybe you can find this. >> for blake. >> they are fighting over blake. >> it was the cover story. >> is that some guy you fight over. >> yes, he seems like a nice fun guy, real guy. >> i don't know if he is true bluenessly. >> i don't think it was him stepping out. it wasn't blake. it was his a adorable country
9:18 am
wife miranda lambert. >> yes. >> but their issue was they were both on tour and never spent anytime together. >> he said that was what caused the break up before he even met gwenn. >> who did he contact to get gwenn's number, come on. he was a former judge on the show. help me. >> cute one adam le vine hoy love. >> no. >> woman. >> ferrell. >> woman. >> christine aguilara. >> that is it. >> what did i win. >> i'll take my pants down. >> race was called into question. this is another pop culture question, in the top five of the year, rachel dolezal, this happened after her parents said she falsely you reported herself as an african-american woman. the that is how she feels. rachel's mother said the family's ancestry is czech republic, swedish, german, with a trace of native american thrown in there. amid controversy rachel resigned as president of the
9:19 am
naacp chapter in spokane washington. another big story was one direction. >> big. >> you know it, it is trending every single day. they are still trending in the philadelphia area every day. zane left the the group. the group went from five members down to four when zane a announced he was leaving the group and he is trending again for his hair change. >> number one on a lit of lists, in the category is caitlin jenner after she publicly transitioned from bruce jenner to caitlin, probably number one story on different lists. >> 9:19. time for quincy harris. >> he is having a lot of fun at sahara a sams. >> not so much fun guys, this is the adult only jacuzzi and i had to get the away from the kid because i'ming having so much fun. i will have have more fun but right now i will just relax.
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♪ the. >> that is it, rolling stone magazine has name the weekend's i can't feel my face the song of the year. >> the song of the year. >> can you believe that. >> wow. >> is it. i'm putting my pant back on. >> that is why we're in the seeing mike jerrick. >> is it a song about how much he is in love about a woman or is it about drug related. >> well, they say i think it is about an addiction and that he is under the guides of the romance and relationship. >> yes. >> okay. >> something more than that. >> snow. >> can i say hi to my cousin,
9:24 am
who clarified, dianne, she says an m.d. is a ophthalmologist, and od is optometrist and optician is not a doctor who is not but just makes eye wear. >> well, can you tell me why we see two different things. >> we have a surprising answer to that. >> what is her name. >> dianne. >> hi dianne. >> quincy, he is having fun. he had a little slide. >> and he is in the the lazy river. >> yeah, this is the the lazy pool. >> lazy river, correct. >> i like this lazy river. this is for everyone. >> everyone, once again, families, every kid, every age can enjoy them at the sahara sam's in the weather facility. >> you are operations manager here. i have very small kid. people are asking, i got to go, a lot of people are asking how young can the kid be. >> they can be any age. we accept any age. they will have fun here from
9:25 am
our kiddy pool to lazy river is child friendly. we offer free life jackets for kid that come in so everyone can be safe here at sahara sams. >> we have a young lady right here. this is your birth the day, correct. >> yes. >> you are having a good time. >> yeah. >> she's having a good time. >> everyone is having a good time. >> you can have so much fun and for the adults, there is so much individual. >> there is, for adults you can enjoy time with your kid or as you saw you can enjoy yourself in the jacuzzi away from the kid as well, every age can have fun. we are opened seven days a week for the holiday break. >> one thing i am will's a little bummed about that we weren't able to do because we just could not show this live but there is a a slide. >> slide are great. they are a a lot of fun. we have our four person familiar hi raft that everyone
9:26 am
can enjoy, bring the kids down to our single body slide which is more high paced. >> now i see my family, they are down here now. is what your name. >> mckenzie. >> are you having a good time. >> yes good do you love sahara sams. >> yes. >> now, how do boys enjoy sahara sams. >> are you having fun. >> yes good these are the the the kid, allegedly mine, how are you doing, sir. >> good. >> are you having a good time. >> yes. >> having fun. >> say hi to mike you see mike on tv. >> hi. >> give a shut shout out to your mom. >> is what your name. >> joey from where. >> bellmawr. >> joey a say hi to hi mom. my kids acting nervous. just smile and wave.
9:27 am
be a good kid. smile and wave. >> sorry, guys. >> takes a long time to warm up. >> lets get them out of here. we will get them out of here. >> that is my favorite part. you can float along. >> i have mastered that skill of being in the lazy river. >> so here's the big question and i did this on our weekend show. my gift to the rest of the weekend crew, the gift, regift. >> beautiful. >> it can be risky if you are going to do it there are some tips, some rules apparently, he will we will have all of the do's and don't's, of regifting stuff thaw truly didn't want. >> i will take notes.
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it is 9:30, karen? it is. we take a live look at philadelphia international airport. we look at things we may not like, and may want to re-gift it to someone else. make a most he is gift? >> talking about christmas gifts? >> you may not like it, want to give it to somebody. >> yes. >> alcohol is good to do that with. >> do's and don't's, though, that's yes ' brought this woman in. >> lauren richie, you love seinfeld. >> sorry. >> right there. i do. one of the most famous episodes, this is the re-gifter. >> you didn't have to get me a thank you gift. >> i know, it is a label maker. >> oh, is that a label maker? >> yes, it is, i got it as gift, it is labeled -- >> i just got one of those for kim watley for christmas. >> yes. who sent that you one? >> one tim watley. >> no. >> my tim watley. >> the same. he sent it as a thank you for my superbowl tickets. >> he is a re-gifter. >> yep, doctor watt lit
9:32 am
dentist, tim watley sacks re-gift err a lot of people are re-gifters, like a re percentage of us re-gift. >> we have lisa richie, etiquette expert thousand do this and get away with it and not get caught. >> let's start with the do's. >> start with the do, do re-gift something that you think they will enjoy. that's absolutely fine. it is perfectly acceptable to re-gift. >> do i tell them it is a remember gift? >> no, you don't, you just give the gift, as if you know them, absolutely bought it, and it is for them. i think the same with re-gifting you have to feel comfortable from within. don't give something, you're going to feel guilty about it, i mean, do you re-gift, make sure the box, maybe it is in the same container, you know, this is a nice candle, it is to has not been used, the box is in really good condition. this is a do. >> this one is a don't, because it is a whole hot mess over here. >> hot mess, you see the box is tattered, issue paper is worn out, and what's inbetween
9:33 am
the tissue paper? a gift receipt from someone else. and also, there is a gift tag in there, with someone else's name. and i actually have a horror story good friend called me few years ago and she was dating a guy and she was so excited to be really liked him a lot and he gave her a gift. and she was taking out the tissue paper and low and behold there is a gift tag from someone else, with a former girlfriend's name on it. so be very, very careful when you re-gift. >> okay, let's get into adult, they're more fun. >> more fun. >> let's set this up again on the screen. don't we gift a gift that's been used obviously, don't give something that's personalized say you have a wedding gift, and maybe somebody put the dayton the bottom of the vase, or a flower pot. make sure that the gift doesn't have anything on it. >> monogram? >> monogrammed. also, food, if you are going to re-gift food, make sure it is in good standing and it is not past the due date. >> i've never seen this one before. partially used gift cards?
9:34 am
>> oh, yes. that's not a good idea. >> the $12 left, yes, yes, we all have our horror stories about re-gifting and then don't re-gift something to the person that gave it to you. >> oh. >> bob kelly? >> did exactly that's, a do is remember who gave that you gift. >> yes. >> because she went to a party, a wedding, baby shower, and gave the same gift back to the person that gave it to her. >> it happens. >> and open it up and she could tell, she said had been looking at the girl's eyes, this is the gift you gave me. >> oh,. >> hurt feelings. >> i've got one. friends want add certain cook book. well, the chef had been on our show. and so i re-gift dollars it, i had forgotten that he signed to mike. >> oh, yes, that's a good one. >> yes, so if you are going to re-gift, make sure to go over the details. >> it doesn't have a signature to the wrong person in it.
9:35 am
>> yes, yes. >> do you have a web smile. >> i do. it is american etiquette. com. and also for children, it is manners to go togo. com. >> did you tip everybody you were supposed to tip this year? >> i sure did. >> did you re-gift? >> not yet. >> oh, not yet. >> she will re-gift. >> all of the stuff coming to us. >> exactly. >> she bought this do you have for the segment, somebody else will get it now. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet too. >> we have big star coming in the studio. >> oh,. >> not you. >> madonna. >> no. >> she naked? >> little tv star. one. new shows that's coming that you haven't seen it yet but you will, and you will know his name. the best part there is guy charlie, he's from our area. he's on this new show about cooper -- oh, he'll take us behind the scenes when he comes in studio. we'll ask him his favorite places in philly.
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>> so watching the football games over the weekends, we promoted the heck out of this shoe, cooper barrick's guide. >> the story one guy struggles through a mess that's life after college. take a look. >> based on my looks, salary and personality deficiency, there is 87% chance my wife will have a mustache. >> she will be the luckiest, most harry woman in the world. >> hey, charlie, good to see you. charlie, the reason you want this particular star of the show on, because you're from bristol, pa. >> absolutely loud and proud, 19007. >> did you go to bristol high? >> did i, bristol junior, senior high school, was in the
9:40 am
graduating clause of about 90 kids of which i am the president of, so i have to organize our reunion in a couple of years. >> that's the coolest thing. >> yes. >> so what do you say the bristol high school year book, do they still do the thing eight years ago? >> i got the most likely to be a celebrity, was very excited about that. >> what? >> because you started young, at likes five you got into acting. >> acting since i was about five years old in my first play tow bristol riverside theater, did play here at the walnut when i was eight years old, and kind of kept going. >> so, okay, what's the name of the snow. >> cooper barrett's guide to surviving life. >> so who is cooper barnett. >> cooper bar set played by a wonderful young man named jack cut more scott. >> is that him? >> that's megan, she's also wonderful. everybody on the show is wonderful. wonderful cast. >> do not get in the dryers, kids. >> don't get in the dryers. sometimes they lock. >> they lock? you. >> can't get out. >> and then you won't survive life. because you are in the dryer. >> so who is your charger?
9:41 am
and what is the idea of the show. >> my character's name is kneel. he's been friends with cooper barrett since they were in high school. and the premise of the show is the things that they don't each but in high school and college that you casino of need to know to get through this crazy thing called life. >> good millennial show, bet a lot of 20's, 30's, will watch this. >> hopefully what we're going for, hoping everyone will watch this. >> a lot of times we have comedies that haven't worked. i'm hearing good stuff about this one, really funny, like casino of like boys version of girls. >> it is, it is funny, also very very heartfelt. i feel like some comedies, missing, the comradery, and the tone of just being a good person, but i feel like we also have the raunchy they're looking for. >> a loft shows are mean. >> yes. >> you know what i mean? >> too cynical. >> we're little cynical. but we also -- >> kind of like friends again? >> yes. >> crazy thing, yes. >> to friends. >> i said it. >> hey, did you -- were you on new girl. >> i was. >> is that how they found you? that's fox.
9:42 am
>> that's not how they found found me, but honored to be part of fox. >> good hollywood story. he's dating a young woman named -- >> dana. >> dana, how did you meet dana in los angeles? >> dana did wardrobe for the pilot of cooper barrett scott, she is from cherry hill, new jersey, and my first day of working on the show it was saint patrick's day and i wore a green phillies t-shirt. i was walking up through the costume department. she comes out and she goes are you from filly? >> there is dana right over there. >> hi, dana. >> hi, dana. >> and her dad, the driver today. >> yes. >> thank you. >> so you struck up a conversation about philly in l.a. >> philly wawa cheese steaks soft pretzels, water ice. >> water ice, thank you. what's your favorite place to go in bristol? >> annabell a has real good italian food. i was also a dishwasher there when i was 15, so very near
9:43 am
and dear to my heart, one of the very first jobs, work interesting. >> have you been back? >> i haven't, not this time. i've been home for the holidays the last couple of weeks, but bobby, i'll be coming to see you soon. i love tony luke's, great cheese steaks, i love bridgette foy's a great bar. my parents have an irish bands, been laying mr. for decades. >> the name? >> the con ameia cod fish. if you need a band for saint pal interest -- saint patrick's day. >> my dad's name mark saxton. >> andrew. >> phenominal. >> good luck with the show, man. >> thank you very much. >> i'll be watching sunday. >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> okay, we have a segment every monday. >> yes. >> it is called you got to try this. >> okay. >> we go around and eat different food. >> sure. >> today we have new years eve good luck food. >> oh,. >> black-eyed peas, stuff like. that will all right, we'll
9:44 am
get into something something after the break.
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9:46 am
>> weaver a segment called you got to try. >> this let's do that segment right now. new years eve, what's that, thursday night. >> i need some good luck. >> that's the idea of the segment so when when the clock strikes mid neat, we eat special foods, we all know about black-eyed peas, it is supposed to bring you good
9:47 am
luck. hi, joy. >> good morning. >> who are you with you w? >> the name of your company. >> urban country, private chef, i am the company. >> oh. >> mike's on the table. >> somebody just hit me. >> explain this white pie. >> first of all, if i want to get the food from you, how do i get ahold of you? >> you can find me at chef joy. com or find me on facebook, instagram, twitter, chef joy, anywhere. >> it is parham. >> yes. >> do you ever eat ham? >> get out. >> is it on par? >> corny jokes. >> what's the white pie? >> okay, so the white potato pie is basically, southern delicacy not too many people know about it because it came from the share crop area, like the transition from flavoring, to share cropping. so migrate grandmother was actually born into the share crop era. this came down from generations and generations from the carolinas. >> it is called freedom pie?
9:48 am
>> exactly. >> what's in it. >> i can't tell you. >> potatoes, little bit of sugar, that's all i can tell you. that is secret. >> i'll order one from you, though. >> i'll give you one. >> maybe a recipe card in there for you. >> that's good. what's this? >> the good stuff right here, the german rose pork, german mustards, if can you get german mustards, get your hands on it, more full flavor. you sewer it up real good. you make german mustard sauce, like reduced stock. >> hopefully, i -- >> never had german mustard. >> drip pad. >> why is it good luck? >> the pork is actually for progress. so the pork on the new year rep rents progression, moving forward, taking steps forward. the peas represent. >> i didn't see this. >> there are peas in this. that's black eye peas, i'm sure everyone is tired of the same bowl of black-eyed peas, so did i affright they are
9:49 am
year, try one please. let me save the peas. i see peas. >> what's this supposed to mean? luck again? >> prosperity, luck, yes. >> that's really good. >> now, no, that's not creamed spinach. >> what is it? >> well, in doing my research i found out the danish culture do accrued steamed kale. so this is actually student kale. little different. they sweeten it with a pinch of sugar, pin of of cinnamin. >> kale? >> their monday nay bowl. >> that's monday nay bowl? >> money in a bowl. they do too. >> it looks like greens. >> is it good? >> good. >> that's it, karen. >> boom. >> kale has become the hot thing. people eat it every which way. i'll try it danish style. >> i actually like the creamed kale. it is good t has good flavor. >> this is good stuff. german what, mustard.
9:50 am
>> yes. and the pork is really good. >> sewer on the pork. >> oh, that's really good. >> that tastes almost like a custard. >> if i double dip, i'll get the whole bowl. >> it is true. >> oh, and grape. this is spanish tradition, latin tradition, sorry, i don't want to be wrong about. that will basically eat 12 grapes before the strike of the clock. once into the new year, eat the 13th one for good luck. >> i have never heard that. >> i haven't even. but google teaches you things. and then you get, you know, teach other people things. >> you have reserve thatched segment well. >> i did. most of the stuff i'm familiar with except for the games. that will was actually the thing that was for town me. >> have you seen the move bye you joy. >> i have saw joy. >> i had to, it is only great. >> and true store. >> i it is a true story. it left me a little inspired. >> did it? >> yes, now i have new ideas. >> we love you. >> i love too. >> thank you, joy. >> i have cool picture of you
9:51 am
too, with some corn on the side of your head. >> really? >> we have to send it to you. >> i'm all ears. >> so corny. >> he's all ears. >> joy, good to see you. >> is she or isn't she? >> who are we talking about? >> that's an engagement ring, i think think. >> oh, reality star, blowing up the rumors. we'll explain. first we've got some winning lottery numbers. we have you have them. here they are.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
♪ >> look, i can see my apartment. >> like a diamond ♪ >> it is actually filthy right now. anyway, coming up on wendy williams, why do i have whip
9:55 am
cream? i'll explain in just a second, but see this big diamond ring, on the hands of looks like kylie jener. >> well, she totally got the rumor mill cranking with the latest stain gram postings on this one. it is huge. ice skating rink, she put a loft pictures thereof her wearing that big ring on both of her hands. which is confusing. well, finally she said, you know, it is not the case, i'm not actually end caged. >> also one of the gossip magazines i saw it at the airport in denver it says tiger was actually dating under age girl, named kylely. so on instagram over the weekend, one of the news director hears, mary ann vaughn, she has two kids, and they were playing this game called pie face. i never heard of it it, wallly invented in the 19 60s, and here's a commercial for it.
9:56 am
>> yes. no, it is from the 060's, but here is the 2015 version of it, right here, so here's how you play the game. little spinner here. >> little spinner. >> little spinner. so you spin it. and then the number it land on, like whatever, what's it on now? >> it is on three. >> you crank the handle three times. >> three times. >> you put the whitt cream on the hand. >> then you see if you get the pie in the face. however many clicks. >> like ruben rule net. >> right. you hold these little knobs here, and you click it forward, the number of times. >> so you got three. >> go ahead. >> put chin on t keep going in. my gosh. >> one, two, three. >> oh. >> okay, spin. >> who is next, karen? >> five. >> five. oh!
9:57 am
>> get in there. >> five, never get through five. >> oh, my god. >> (laughing). >> thanks. >> i have to do the satelite interview after the show. >> oh, no. >> oh, no, the face. >> you don't need the face. >> bob? >> three. one, two, three. >> oh, you got to do it. >> forward, forward. >> one, two, three. okay. hold on. oh. >> hours of fun. >> here. we won't make you do it. i'll do it again. >> you know what? >> this was your idea. and everyone's got ten in the face. >> it is just on again. >> exactly. >> it is only going to be -- >> that's it. common. >> okay, let me spin now. >> look at this.
9:58 am
>> oh! >> oh!
9:59 am
10:00 am
it's "the wendy williams show"! >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no chaser. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: here we go again. [ cheers and applause ]


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